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At Green Resource Outlet, we have specialty cannabis cultivation supplies and equipment for every phase of the cultivation process.

Cultivation Supplies and Equipment

The cannabis industry all begins with cultivation, growing and cloning. After spending the time and money to ensure your lighting is just right and your HVAC system is pulling mold out of the air to ensure a sterile environment for your plants, it’s time to prep your cannabis for the next stop along its journey.

Whether you need fabric pots, grow media, macronutrients, IMP supplies and more, we have the equipment and supplies to help you hang, dry and trip your buds and flower. At Green Resource Outlet (GRO), our mission is to help your B2B cannabis cultivation business succeed.

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Growing Environment

Growing Media

Fabric Pots

Grow Tents

Trim Bins & Scissors

Water & Aeration

Nutrients & IPM

Sanitation Supplies

Protective Equipment

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